• Ski Boot Fitting

Ski Boot Fitting

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Ski Boot Fitting Process

As the worlds leading custom ski boot fitter we have been able to hone our fitting process to ensure that the process is as successful as possible.

Ski boot fitting step 1

Your feet will be precisely measured in two positions, length and width. Ankle width, foot structure and lower leg build will be assessed as well.

Ski boot fitting step 2

Your feet will be scanned in a neutral position in 538 places* . The scan is used to produce an insole that will support your foot in a neutral position within the ski boot.
*Surefoot is the only UK ski boot fitter to use Amfit technology. This produces a medical grade product.

Ski boot fitting step 3

We will talk through your ski experience, expectations, previous ski boot experience, biomechanics, ski boot feature requirements and any other requirements that will effect a ski boot fit. Stages 1,2 and 3 will result in the selection of ski boot shell, liner type and manufacture of insole.

Ski boot fitting step 4

Once the insoles have been manufactured we will introduce PON* to the ski boot fitting process. This will ensure that any modifications of the ski boot shell that are required are made.
*Surefoot developed PON (Power of Neutral ) to define our approach to ski boot fitting. Please see PON section for more information

Ski boot fitting step 5

The injecting process will take place once any shell modifications have taken place. You will be put into thin ski socks with toe caps on and placed into the ski boot complete with insole and empty Surefoot liner. The injection process will take approximately 10 - 15 minutes.

Ski boot fitting step 6

Once the injection process is complete small adjustments will be made to your liner after which you will then be able to try on the finished ski boot. Any small adjustments that are required will be made based upon your feedback.

Ski boot fitting sep 7

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