Ski Boot Insoles

Ski Boot Insoles

Custom ski boot insoles will solve a huge number of common ski boot issues. Have you ever felt the following when skiing?:

  • Cramping under the foot?
  • Extreme pain on the little toe caused by pressure from the side of the ski boot?
  • Pressure and pain on the medial (inside) ankles?
  • Foot moving about in the ski boot?

Correct ski boot insoles will provide you with the support that your foot needs when skiing. The insole is crucial for stabilizing the foot within the ski boot and the single most important contributor to getting a perfect fit for the skier. An accurate custom insole will go most of the way to resolving the issues listed above.

Surefoot is the only UK boot fitter to invest in the Amfit system which measures the foot in 538 places. The Amfit system allows the technician to see the scan before the insole is manufactured, therefore we can see when the foot is in the correct neutral position. Only when a neutral position is achieved do we then mill out the insole. Once the scan is complete we can adjust the scan to encompass:

  • Metatarsal dome pads which will help customers with Morton’s neuroma
  • Heel posting for customers with extremely flat feet
  • Canting in and out of the whole insole
  • Reduction or increase of the arch shape

Once your foot scan is stored in your unique customer file, we can produce multiple insoles for different types of footwear and each will provide that same perfect support. No other insole system can offer this.

Our ski boot insoles are milled out using a choice of three different densities: firm, medium and soft depending on the needs of the user. We finish the insoles off using our unique top sheet materials that will not only look good but provide a durable anti bacterial and comfortable feel.

Our custom insoles are £155 and can be fitted to your existing ski boots, as well as other footwear.

For a non-custom option, we also have the Conforma insole which comes in three arch shapes and costs £34.95 and are a perfect low cost option for reducing fatigue and increasing comfort in everyday footwear.