• Importance of Ski Socks

Good ski socks are an important piece of equipment that are often overlooked. Gone are the days of cheap, shapeless"tube" ski socks, socks like these will prevent your boots fitting correctly and cause problems.

 Well designed ski socks should be thin, with minimal padding and made from the best materials to ensure warm, comfortable feet. If you suffer with cold feet, stay away from thick socks, they will actually make your feet colder by taking up volume in the ski boot - this will put pressure on the feet and reduce circulation. They will also soak up a lot of moisture during the day, drawing heat from the feet and making blisters/sore feet more likely.

At Surefoot we stock the world's best ski socks, made by Point6. All Point6 ski socks are made from fine grade merino wool, a natural and renewable fiber that is ideal for use in cold conditions like skiing. Merino wool is naturally anti-bacterial and soft to the touch, meaning they keep the feet warm and comfortable, even when wet. The fine grade yarns means they are not itchy and are suitable even for people who do not get on with wool clothing.

Point6 ski socks use a patented construction technique that makes their socks far more durable than any equivalent sock on the market. They are shaped to contour with the foot, eliminating bunching which can cause rubbing and soreness. A wide heel section stops the socks pulling at the toe or down the leg and the thin toe box means there is no restriction of the toes within the ski boot.

Compression socks are a great idea for recovery, worn at night they reduce lactic acid build-up in the muscles. This means your feet and calves will feel fresher when you get up for that first chair lift!