• Womens Specific Ski Boots

Womens Ski Boots

We are often asked by our customers; What is the difference between a women's ski boot and a mens?

Most ski boot manufacturers will use the same ski boot mold for both men’s and women’s ski boots. The one change they make is to attach a shorter cuff to the ski boot. This results in a ski boot that is slightly lower in height. The reason for this takes into account the position of a woman's calf which is often lower down the leg than a mans. Therefore the boot cuff will put less pressure on the women's calf's. Unfortunately ski boot manufacturers do not always adapt the liner between mens and women boots. Therefore pressure can still be put on the calf by not providing a shorter liner.

There are other differences between men’s and women’s feet that need to be considered when fitting ski boots . Women's feet have lower insteps and are narrower than mens therefore there is a tendency for women to never have a stable foot in a ski boot. A common complaint from women is that the foot is moving around in the ski boot.

Wearing high heals will often cause Bunions on women’s feet, these are bony bumps on the first metatarsal (big toe). They can be very painful in ski boots due to the nature of the plastic shell putting pressure on this area of the foot. Another consequence of high heals is the shortening of the Achilles or hamstrings. This often results in a tendency for early heal lift in a ski boot caused by the angle of a ski boot and the strain this causes.

So in order to produce a women's specific ski boot Surefoot has devised a number of procedures to focus on the particular issues that we see with women.

  • Bunion stretches or Bunion punch:  This widens the boot in the specific area of the bunion and does not compromise the width of the ski boot in other areas.
  • Cuff Angle:  Reducing the angle of the ski boot in order to be more comfortable for women with tight calf's or hamstrings.
  • The Surefoot Contoura C2 ski boot liner will not only produce the correct volume to enable the foot to be stable in the boot but also features a shorter cuff and concave lip to the back of the liner. This will all allow the calf to be relaxed in the ski boot.

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